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What is ZO Skin Health?

Posted 03/04/2020 | Advice

What is ZO Skin health?

ZO Skin Health is an award winning American product range designed and developed by Dr Obagi, a Beverly Hills based dermatologist with over 35 years developing skin rejuvenating treatment programs. Dr Hemming, our medical director, trained with Dr Obagi in the UK and then in his clinic in Beverly Hills. She has become one of the UK’s leading experts using ZO skin health products.

What does ZO skin health do?

The goal of ZO Skin health is to create and maintain healthy skin. Through many years of experience and her personal skin journey, Dr Hemming has taken many patients on their own journey to healthy skin. Reviving dull, lack lustre skin and targeting many skin concerns with tailor made combinations and targeted treatment products as well as prescription only creams.  Thames Skin Clinic is able to write a program bespoke to your needs.

What to expect from a ZO skin care plan?

Admiting to the changes that are needed to transform skin

In the words of Maya Angelou we delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has to go through to achieve that beauty


There are different ways to start a program, the best option will depend on your goals and expectations.

If you want to simply improve your skin health and brighten dull, tired looking skin, or just want to look more healthy, brighter and more radiant we recommend starting with the ‘essential 5’ program. This can be build upon. It’s a great option to ease your skin into professional products, exfoliate and strengthen before using any treatment products (it includes an SPF too of course, everyone needs to use an SPF – more about that another time).



How about a more medical skin problem? How does ZO Skin Health help acne or pigmentation?

If you are looking to target a concern, looking for an acne treatment or pigmentation treatment, the program is excellent.

Dr Hemming will assess your skin and recommend the right program for you, however within the range we would still look to start with the essential 5  and add the correction and prevention treatments your skin needs.

Within the targeted treatment products are acne control treatment and sulphur masque, both helping permanently reduce acne spots and remove active acne. For skin in need of more intense rejuvenation from photodamage, sun damage, pigmentation we run several programs. The starting point remains with the essential 5 and builds with increasing doses of professional grade retinol, AHA or glycolic and lactic acid, antioxidants and one of 3 targeted night creams.

How does Thames Skin Clinic manage patients with sensitive skin?

Dr Hemming has also put together a sensitive skin plan, for those with extremely fragile skin, in need of a gentle touch and super hydration, before perhaps targeting with some of the options mentioned above. However. most patients who describe sensitive skin are actually suffering from the effects of poor exfoliation causing dead skin cells to build on the surface and the inner living skin suffocating as it is unable to operate as normal. Skin cells dehydrate and the barriers around and between cells and skin layers break down. When we have strengthened these again we can then focus on other targeted skin concerns too.

Where can you get ZO skin health from?

Zo skin health order form

Thames Skin Clinic make it easy for you to order products online. New patients will need a consultation fo ZO products.


Thames Skin Clinic is one of the chosen ZO stockist in the UK,. ZO Skin health products are retailed through medical clinics, this means there is a doctor or prescribing nurse working at or for the clinic that is fully qualified and training in ZO Obagi products. ZO cannot be purchased online. However, at Thames Skin Clinic we have developed a helpful online re-ordering page where you can simply mark the products you need and we will get in touch to organise the rest. If you are a new customer we will need to discuss as few things with you first and depending on your skin concerns we will recommend booking a consultation to ensure your needs are met.

Starter kits are available from £130 (+ an SPF) and a full program can cost from £330 -800 with optional step ups and skin peels. For more information about consolations click here and  to book a consultation email info@thamesskin.co.uk or compete our oder form or contact form.


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