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Wedding Preparation

Thames Skin Clinic welcomes newly engaged couples and their family members. We offer a number of packages for brides, grooms, family members and bridesmaids. All of our treatments are created to encourage natural skin health and glow. Not only can we treat medical skin conditions and sooth acne, scarring and pigmentation, we offer aesthetic treatments to smooth, lift and tighten and create a bespoke treatment plan just for you too.

Your journey to brighter, more youthful, glowing skin starts with a new patient consultation with Dr Anna Hemming or one of her carefully selected team.  During the consultation we will explore your medical history, skin concerns and desires. Following this detailed meeting we will be able to design a plan for you running up to your big day and beyond.

Brighter, more youthful, glowing skin

Congratulations on your engagement, it’s a time of celebration and planning. We help brides, grooms and wedding party members to prepare their skin for your big day. Planning is key, skin takes time to transform and with our beautifully gentle, subtle treatments we transform, tweak and rejuvenate brides skin from all over Twickenham. Richmond, Kingston, Surrey and South England.

When designing a program for a bride or family member and those within a bridal group we take many factors into consideration. It is extremely helpful to share information about the day and what you will be wearing.

As part of our wedding service we take into account the whole picture in order to give you the highest satisfaction. Treatments will be offered for the whole body as well as facial and hair options should they be needed. Skin works with strong relationships with its underlying structure, here at Thames Skin Clinic we treat all levels in the skin and underlying volume to give you the best results.

We offer the latest technology and safest treatments. WE are the latest clinic to have bespoke elite Hydrafacial as well as combining our bespoke facials with skin tightening within the Thames Facial program. When is the Best time to come to see us? Ideally as soon as possible. Skin takes time to change and the best results come to those who begin their skin rejuvenation program earliest.

Wedding programs

Silver level treatments

These treatments are designed for all skin types and are available for everyone.

Using a combination of professional skincare products, we are able to guide you through our unique skincare program to enhance skin health. We like at least 6-12 months for your skin care program to give you the best results. However we can always help, no-matter how close the wedding we meet.

Our chosen skincare product range is ZO, by Dr Zein Obagi, due to the excellent ingredients and superior professional scientific research behind the ZO skin health philosophy. Focusing on creating healthy skin as well as targeting problem areas or concerns within the skin.

ZO Skin health programs can focus on rejuvenation as well as target acne, dull lazy skin, pigmentation, melasma, lines and wrinkles.

Results really do turn heads and create fabulous skin.

Gold level treatments

These treatments build on healthy skin and take a skincare program to the next level by using products which work deeper within the skin to stimulate collagen stimulation, hydration and focused

Using skincare as the basis of your plan with the addition of a deep skin peel or skin radiance treatment.

To get the most from a Gold level treatment like to start your skincare plan is essential for 4-6 weeks before a Thames Skin Peel or ZO 3 step peel. Other radiance, hydrating and tightening treatments, like Profhlio, require a course of 2 (or more) treatments 3-6 weeks apart and should be completed at least 1 month before the wedding.

A HydraFacial™ treatment can be used individually or within a skincare program or treatment combination. Our Elite HydraFacial™ program is the best hydradermabrasion treatment available with the addition of specially selected specific options tailored to you skin and desired goals. HydraFacial™ works perfectly with all of our chosen skincare brands. For the best results a short, intense course of weekly treatments can be considered followed by a monthly HydraFacial™ to ensure your skin maintains it’s healthy radiance and continues to improve.

For further skin rejuvenation programs please speak to our Thames Skin Clinic therapists or Dr Anna Hemming who are very happy to arrange a new patient consultation to discuss all of you skin concerns and goals for your wedding day.

Platinum level treatments

Combine skincare and textural smoothing and or volume replacement. The treatment is tailored to your personal requirements as we are all different. As we age the structure beneath our skin changes, both the bone and essential fat layers are reabsorbed and get smaller causing skin and overlying fat to sag with gravity. The facial areas known as marionette lines, nasolabial folds and jowls form as wells as volume loss in the temples, under the eyes and around the mouth.

In platinum level treatments the skin is strengthened with skincare and can be boosted with Profhilo or HydraFacial™ treatment. We use botulinum toxin to give a natural muscle relaxing treatment for upper facial lines and premium dermal filler products to replace volume lost with the natural aging process.  All treatments are performed well in advance of the wedding and your final botox treatment should be done at least 1 months before the big day. Depending on the time we have before the wedding we recommend 12 months if possible, however we do offer a shorter program too.

Diamond level treatments

Our platinum wedding plan tailored treatment to your skin needs and aesthetic goals and includes premium lifting and tightening as well as taking your skin rejuvenation to the next level. As always, our treatments are bespoke and tailored to your individual needs and the best plans start 12 months before your wedding day.

In addition to skincare, muscle relaxation and superficial skin tightening and hydration the diamond plan offers focused ultrasound treatment to target unwanted looser skin, jowls, wrinkles creating lift and rejuvenation to the face, neck and jawline. Following tightening facial volume loss is addressed with natural replacement and unwanted wrinkles gently smoothed.


For all brides and grooms, mothers, family members and bridesmaids, we welcome you to a new patient consultation where you will be able to discuss your concerns and goals for treatment with Dr Hemming and her expertly trained team.

Following from your consultation we will be able to work together to ensure you get the best treatments for your skin, timed to perfection for your big day.

New patient consultation

All patients start with a new patient consultation where we discuss your medical history, skin concerns, any previous treatments or product use as well as your goal from treatment and expectations.

Appointments with Dr Hemming

Dr Hemming is available for consultations regarding your skin concerns and aesthetic dermatology treatments.

As a fully qualified general practitioner with a special interest in dermatology she is able to help clients with problems ranging from acne, rosacea, melasma and pigmentation through to dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Dermatology and skin care consultations are charged at the rates below.

To book an appointment please use the contact form, email or call 02081503400.


New Patient Consultations with Dr Anna Hemming £150
  • 45 minutes with Dr Hemming
  • Health examination
  • Skin concerns discussed
  • Treatment plan
  • Written prescription for products or medication if needed
Extended consultation with Dr Anna Hemming £200
  • 60 minutes with Dr Hemming
  • Health examination
  • Skin concerns discussed
  • Treatment plan
  • Written prescription for products or medication if needed
Follow up consultation with Dr Anna Hemming £100
  • For patients already treated by Thames Skin Clinic
  • 30 minutes with Dr Hemming
  • Follow up Review of treatment
  • Changes to Health examination
  • Treatment plan updated
  • Written prescription for products or medication if needed
Weight management consultations
  • Initial weight loss consultation with Dr Hemming and her team from £300
  • Thames Skin Clinic – National Medical Weight Management Plan
    • 12 week course program – appointments only £1200
    • 12 week course program – plus box of 5 pens £2000 (save £450)

Learn more about the Thames Skin Clinic weight management program

Treatment review consultations

Treatment Review consultations are available and are a part of specific treatments or programs. These appointments are included with the treatment and provided a not additional cost when consultations are scheduled within the review period. Outside the scheduled review period, review consultations are charged.

Initial consultations with Dr Hemming are paid for when booking is taken, redeemable against the consultation and refundable with 48hrs notice of a change in time or cancellation.

Appointments with Thames Skin Clinic Therapists

Therapist appointments – Appointments with a Thames Skin therapists to discuss treatment options are available.

Thames Skin Clinic takes a booking fee of £50 for all therapist appointments, this is deducted from your consultation or treatment purchased and started within 4 weeks. It is not redeemable from skincare or products for home use.

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