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Facial Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins and spider veins can be treated with our amazing vascular laser. Using laser wavelengths (532mn LBO and 1064nm NdYAG) specific for the removal of thread veins our Cutera Excel V+ laser is our gold standard treatment of choice for most vein removal.

If you are one of many people who have trouble with broken or dilated veins which appear on the face, we can help you. Our patients come to Thames Skin Clinic for vein treatment, so they feel confident without make up or covering superficial thread veins on the body.

Unfortunately, thread veins do not get better on their own. Veins on the face often get worse and can spread over larger areas. Treatment is possible to remove thread veins. Laser and sclerotherapy have a role with certain types and areas of broken veins. For thin thread veins on sensitive areas especially those on the face we find Thermavein® most successful. If they are slightly deeper and are grouped together over the face  – we tend to use Cutera V+ laser.

Thread Vein Removal Consultation

Over the past 12 years Dr Hemming has been treating unwanted veins with a combination of treatments. Some vein removal techniques are more suitable for the face than others. At Thames Skin Clinic Dr Hemming has designed her bespoke vein assessment and treatment program to ensure your veins are suitable for this particular treatment. If they are not or we believe a different treatment will suit them better, we can offer this instead. Instead of asking you to decide we use your assessment appointment to offer the most suitable treatment for the areas you are concerned with.

Treatment with Cutera V+ Laser

Treatment with ThermaVein

Cutera V+ Laser  is particularly effective in the treatment of deeper blood vessels and vascular concerns that are blue or purple. This can include veins in the legs, venous lakes, venous malformations, and port-wine stains.

ThermaVein® provides safe, fast and effective treatment for the removal of red thread veins, facial thread veins and spider veins otherwise known as telangiectasia, and vascular blemishes from across the entire body. Using thermocoagulation to empty the vein and then seal the vein wall. The body naturally reabsorbs the vein. Treatment is instant, effective, permanent and safe. Patients leave clinic with visible results.

Treatment can be used to treat:

  • Facial thread veins treatment
  • Skin tag removal
  • Campbell de Morgan spot treatment
  • Cherry angioma treatment
  • Spider naevi treatment
  • Wart removal
  • Vascular blemish removal
  • Ankle thread vein removal

Other treatments options are available and may be preferred. Topical products include the ZO skin health redness program including rozatrol, a clinically proven redness reduction serum.

Learn more about ZO skin health programs

Leg vein treatments are also available using sclerotherapy. Thread veins commonly appear on the skin. Veins appearing on legs can be linked to poor venous blood return and may be associated with varicose veins or other vein problems. Before going ahead with treatment, the veins need to be examined and tested to ensure this treatment is right for you.

Learn more about leg vein removal using sclerotherapy

Is this treatment suitable for me?

Facial veins can be treated by using Excel V+ laser treatment suitable for skin types I to IV and  ThermaVein which is suitable for all skin types and ages.

We invite you for an initial consultation to assess your skin, make a skin analysis and ensure you are suitable for laser.  There are some medical conditions and medication (aspirin) that can affect treatment including allergies and clotting problems. Please discuss this treatment with us if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

How safe is treatment?

Facial thread vein removal is extremely safe. The ThermaVein procedure has been CE approved for many years and the Cutera V+ laser is FDA approved. Thames Skin Clinic therapists are highly trained in the use of ThermaVein & laser treatments and can be consulted to discuss treatment options.

Will I feel any pain or discomfort during my treatment?

Thread vein treatment normally feels a little tender and the treatment area may feel warm.  Local anaesthetic  is not necessary for treatment.

Are there any associated risks?

There are no serious side effects or risks associated with this treatment. We discuss your medical history and allergies prior to treatment.

How much downtime is usually needed and what should I expect?

There is no downtime following excel V+ laser treatment or Thread vein treatment. Sometimes the treated vein may bruise or leave a small scab on the skin, with some mild swelling. These are self healing and will gently fade as the skin repairs. You may leave with a spring in your step feeling fabulous and confident knowing your veins are treated and disappearing.


First, a trained professional will examine your medical health and the thread veins in your areas of concern. A test should be performed to check the competency of the deep veins, this is quick and easy. If the test shows the deep veins flow the wrong way (backwards) you will need further investigations for more extensive vein problems and should see a vascular surgeon or specialist.

After positive pre-treatment Thermavein® or Cutera V+ laser can be performed.

Cutera V+ laser sends a particular wavelength of light deep into the vein which collapses the vessel to stop the blood flow. Following your patch test treatment we can book your full laser treatment with a course of 3 normally recommended.

Thermavein® involves the placement of a special extremely fine needle on the skin. A low current is passed through the skin causing the vein to empty. Thermavein then creates a seal by gently heating the vein wall allowing the body to naturally reabsorb the vein.

The low current ensures the blood does not coagulate, making it a safe and sought-after, walk-in walk out treatment.

Your comfort levels and expectations are important factors which are considered in your consultation.

You should not have treatment

  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Have allergies or clotting problems.
  • You should not fly for at least 2 weeks either side of treatment.
  • Aspirin should be stopped 1 week before treatment.
Treatment areas

Treatment is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted face and body thread veins. Results are instant, effective, permanent and safe.

Side effects

Treatment can be mildly tender, as your veins are gently heated . The treatment area may feel warm. Bruising and inflammation can occur in some patients, this should settle at 10-14 days.

Serious complications following sclerotherapy are extremely rare however you do need to be aware of these. We all have high expectations following your treatment and your consent must be informed.

  • Typical results – instant
  • Risk of scarring – none
  • Average treatment required. – 1
  • Estimated pain level – minimal
  • Risk of burns – none

Aftercare forms part of your treatment. It is essential you follow the recommended post treatment guide carefully and you will get the best results.

Further treatment to other areas should be planned 4 weeks after the initial treatment.

The cost of facial treatment with thermavein® or Cutera V+ laser for dilated or broken thread veins varys by the extent of treatment required for best results. We often get asked about the cost of treatment. At Thames Skin Clinic we pride ourselves on results rather than focus on the price of a treatment, it is more important that we get the correct quality of product and equipment, rather than offer cut price treatments, products and services (especially when it comes to medical treatments). You will never see Thames Skin Clinic advertising services on social coupon sites such as Groupon as we believe they have a negative impact on our customer safety, results and satisfaction. We also wish to abide by the advertising regulator and work in a safe ethical manor.

Our prices reflect the skill, training and premier product choices we have made as well as the true reflection of the beautiful bespoke clinic surroundings.

To discuss facial thread vein assessment and treatment please call us today and book an initial consultation with our specialist practitioners. There is a charge for appointments with Dr Hemming.

Thermavein® sessions start from £195

Cutera V+ Laser sessions start from £215


Additional effects

Removes small tread veins (telangiectasia) from the face, legs, body

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Initial appointment

New Patient consultation 45 minutes

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Treatment takes

20-40 minutes (following consultation)

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Follow up

6 weeks following treatment

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Lasts for


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Results take

Immediate effect, takes 2 -3 weeks to settle.

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Anaesthetic required

Local anaesthetic may be applied but it is not always necessary for treatment.

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Treatments from


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Percent efficacy


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