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Thames Bespoke Dermal Filler Treatments

Posted 24/09/2020 | Treatments

The lower part of the face is something that we are frequently asked about. The chin, jaw and marionette lines form the lowest part of the facial structure and therefore the looser our skin becomes with age the more falls with gravity creating unwanted lines and folds in the skin.

Ageing affects all the cellular structure in our bodies. In the facial area our bone changes along with the fat pads and muscular structure in the face. Skin is also ageing too, as we lose hyaluronic acid which decreases the ability of our skin to build collagen. All these layers from skin to bone change, creating looser skin and decreased structure to keep the skin lifted. The results of ageing mean that the skin falls from the forehead down to the chin resulting in the nasolabial fold, marionette line and gentler folds in the skin depending on your facial structure and expression.
It is this structure that we examine to determine the best treatment options available to create natural results of lifted and tightened skin along with micro-structural changes in the cells to improve skin health. The very best results are created using a combination of treatments, these might include botox to smooth the lines and folds created by muscle movement, most typically in the upper face (frown, crows feet, forehead lines). Skin tightening treatments designed to stimulate collagen formation, this might be a HIFU treatment, radiofrequency, or skin boosters, biomodulation with hyaluronic acid hydration and tightening from Profhilo. Profhilo also improves overall skin health along with treatment products from our professional skincare range ZO Skin Health.
Finally we come to injectables. Our founder Dr Hemming has a gift with her acute aesthetic eye. She has been described as a goddess with a needle and creates the most natural dermal filler treatments. Lifting and tightening, lightening the signs of ageing without changing who you really are. The most natural of results created with great skill and care.
One of our favourite treatments is the Thames Jowl lift which forms part of the Thames Uplift, our full facial lifting treatment with dermal filler. By placing the highest quality premium brand dermal filler gently along the jaw line and tightening the marionette lines as well as balancing the chin area to bring asymmetry and ageing processes into line. This treatment is one of Dr Hemming’s favourites and we can see why.
If you are interested in having a dermal filler treatment or want to know how aesthetic medicine can help you look and feel younger, please get in touch with us. The art of anti-aging is the science that we practice is our bespoke newly refurbished clinic  in Twickenham.



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