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A Pro-Aging Approach to Skin

Posted 03/05/2024 | Treatments

In the world of aesthetics, the term “anti-aging” is often bandied about without a second thought. It’s assumed that those seeking treatments botox are doing so to turn back time and therefore must hate their age.

Pro-ageing vs Anti-ageing

We choose not to use the term ‘anti-aging’ at Thames, not because we are pedantic, but because we understand that our patients are far from anti-aging. (Anti-tiredness? Yes. Anti-saggy skin, sure.) But ultimately, anti-looking and feeling less than their best selves; and our aim is to help you achieve skin that is genuinely healthy not skin that simply appears youthful.

So, let’s delve into why a pro-aging mindset can redefine how we view the aging process and effect the treatments we choose.

Central to every treatment at Thames Skin is a commitment to natural results.


Your features tell your story, and at Thames Skin Clinic, our treatments are designed to enhance your looks without erasing the essence of who you are. We are meticulous when administering anti-toxins; and concerns such as jowls, sagging skin or fine lines and wrinkles are always addressed modestly and after thorough discussion about expectations.

Prevention is better than cure

Beyond skincare products and in-clinic treatments, pro-aging encompasses lifestyle choices that support overall health and well-being: Adequate sleep, hydration, and balanced nutrition are essential components of a pro-aging lifestyle, helping to nourish the skin from the inside out. We also encourage every patient to curate an at-home skincare routine that will nourish their skin in between treatments.

Pro-aging encourages working with the natural processes of the body, supporting them rather than fighting against them.

The key to being pro-ageing is firstly, accepting the fact that ageing is inevitable (if you’re lucky!) Our bodies and faces will change. Collagen production will slow down over time, reducing elasticity and tightness within the skin. Underlying fat and bone will change with age too, meaning you will look different than before – but different does not mean worse.

Next on the road to pro-aging, is making gradual adjustments to your routine. By consistently prioritizing movement, hydration, sun protection, and a positive mindset, growing older should be an enjoyable process.

It’s about showing up for yourself day in and day out, treating yourself with kindness and respect.


Ultimately, pro-aging is about choice and empowerment. Whether someone chooses to embrace their natural aging process or seek treatments to prolong it, the decision should be theirs to make without judgment or shame.

At Thames we support your decisions and will work with you to achieve your goals safely. With a pro-aging mindset and the right help, we can look and feel our best at any age.

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