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My thoughts on returning to the NHS

Posted 01/04/2020 | Advice

At the moment it almost feels like we are living in a movie. As an invisible viral enemy spreads across the globe, scientists are working against time to understand the virus and make a vaccination to protect the human race. Medical staff are being recalled and joining forces with the military to make super hospitals to treat patients infected with the virus, of whom roughly 10% are likely to pass away.
Meanwhile the general population are doing everything they can to stop the spread of the pandemic by doing something completely alien – staying at home. Not touching things, not socialising, minimising all activities that might cause viral spread. Schools and Nurseries are closed, exams cancelled, businesses have closed their doors. Food is being rationed and airports almost abandoned as travel is ill-advised.

Face masks are the latest fashion item, causing procurement issues for the NHS workers who are struggling to find enough PPE to protect themselves while they treat infected patients and over 600,000 people have volunteered to help the NHS. Today I managed to procure over 300 masks for our local urgent care centre, who called out of the blue asking for help. Thank you to all who have come together to help with this. Especially to Refresh Dental who managed to pull 100 masks from contacts and donate them to the NHS and personal friend Aimi Palmer who has also donated several boxes. They are all going to a very good cause. I am sure more will be needed so please get in touch if you have masks, or know anyone who has supplies.

Since the very early stages of the pandemic I have felt the need to help. So far I have completed NHS returner forms on every website offering a connection. With my background of emergency medicine, military medicine, disaster training, anaesthetic (a little while ago) and as a fully qualified GP I know I have many skills that would be useful right now.


The skills that I have are not unique, many aesthetic doctors have been GP’s and anaesthetists, but not many have been in the Army and very few have experienced major incident training on an international scale as I have in Cyprus and Washington DC (during 9/11).
So I have contacted the GMC, National Performers List, NHS England, NHS website, my previous NHS GP surgery and several others organisations offering help. The NHS are inundated with volunteers and my forms are with them somewhere. I will keep you posted as to when the call comes in and I am sure it will fairly soon.
The clinic is still open for virtual consultations, orders and skincare advice. We are delivering all products and prescription items as per our normal delivery service which has been unaffected by the current situation. This will continue when I am called into help the NHS and I ask you to bear with me as I will not always be able to answer the phone or give an immediate response.
Over the past few weeks Dr Hemming has featured in several magazines including Hello, Tatler, Vanity fair and Stylist, she has also been interviews on Daily Mail Palace Confidential and today she was quoted in the leading UK aesthetic journal 



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