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Key facts about Rosacea

Posted 22/03/2017 | Treatments

So what is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, which mainly affects the central part of the face on the cheeks, nose and forehead. Classic signs include red papule, pustules and telangiectasia (little blood vessels) with some thickening of the skin, giving a swollen and bulbous appearance (rhinophyma). The disease is linked to other problems involving the eyes and skin.

Rosacea can be confused with acne, as it can look similar. Most noteworthy there are no comedones. Symptoms normally occur in middle aged and people with pale skin and light hair. Women suffer more than men and rosacea also runs in families. It’s really important to remember Rosacea is not contagious and it is not connected with poor hygiene.

A progressive inflammatory disease, and as a result treatment should be started as early as possible. Incidentally the signs of rosacea have been well documented in history (especially in art) and are certainly noticeable today, especially in the older generation and those who are untreated.

More about Rhinophyma

Rhinophyma (pictured) is a slowly progressive condition caused by hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands on the tip of the nose. It presents as a pink lobulated mass over the nose with superficial vascular dilation. Left untreated these growths enlarge and can obstruct breathing and vision.

Rosacea treatment with ZO

ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical products are formulated to treat symptoms, such as flushing, redness, prominent blood vessels, papules and pustules.

Rozatrol is a new ZO Medical treatment product, which is used within a personalised ZO protocol. It relieves visible signs and symptoms by normalizing skin though reducing excess oil, it decreases inflammation. As an enzymatic exfoliator it provides ultra-mild exfoliation, the amino acids support optimal micro-circulation preventing the signs of premature ageing. Rozatrol can be used on red, sensitized skin.

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