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How to keep the Royal Family safe

Posted 19/03/2020 | Advice

Amid the worry and concern regarding the spread of Coronavirus over the past few weeks our Dr, Anna Hemming, has been talking with Tatler, Hello and Stylist Magazine about how to stay safe, healthy and protect yourselves from the virus that has gripped the world.

In the past Dr Anna worked as a GP with the Royal Family in their medicalpractice at Buckingham Palace. She was an Army Doctor before that and has specialist experience in anaeshtetics, surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology and acute medicine as well as her other specialist area, skin.

With a broad medical training behind her and her experiences in expedition medicine, military and the role she had at Buckingham Palace she is uniquely placed to help calm the local and national panic about coronavirus.

Here at Thames Skin Clinic as well as at Cranley Clinic where she is a resident doctor on Harley Street we are putting special measures in place to ensure we limit viral contamination. Spreading appointments and minimising contact as well as using the skin preparation we regard to be the gold standard in disinfection, clinisept+. We have designated patient parking to allow the easy flow of patients into clinic and are wiping down between patients as we would normally do.

We ask that if you are unwell or have been mixing with people who have temperatures or a sore throat that you rebook your appointment for another time. We can help you plan this and talk through the consequences of changing. treatment plans.

Here is a link to Dr Anna’s recent Tatler publication. We will share the others soon too!

Dr Anna Hemming in Tatler

How the Royal family can protect themselves at this time, following the national advice and staying safe.





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