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How to Get Skin Ready for Treatment

Posted 04/05/2020 | Advice

Dr Anna Hemming wanted to share with you the importance and steps involved to Get Skin Ready for topical treatment. Skin care products have to navigate through the outer dead skin layer to be effective and get into the living cells and make a difference to the health of the skin. Over the counter products have a licence to treat the surface of the skin. Professional products can penetrate deeper and access the skin cells where the products need to get to make a change.
In the best professional skincare ranges there are deliberate steps in the program designed to get your skin ready for the treatment products. These steps are fundamental to the success of the program and should not be missed out. By getting skin ready you are preparing the skin to take the medical grade and often prescription products that will be able to enter the skin calls under the outer dead skin layer – the stratum corneum. This means that the products will be able to act where they will stimulate healthy skin development.
Getting skin ready is the essential first step towards achieving healthy looking skin. It is a simple system of cleanse, exfoliate and tone; working synergistically too restore skin to a healthy looking state and to optimise the effectiveness of any preventative or treatment product.  The steps involved in getting your skin ready for treatment include


Remove make up from the skin surface
Deep cleanse the skin to remove oils and impurities
Help promote hydration and leaves the skin feeling refreshed
Calms and soothes the skin
Unclogs pores with exfoliation


Skin scrubs encourage physical exfoliation.
Polishes the skin to restore smoother texture and healthy glow
Lift away the outer dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores
Targets surface oil and bacteria


Best applied with a textured pad to encourage better coverage as well as stimulate the skin and further exfoliation and prevents clogged pores
Reduces oiliness and minimises surface oil
Calms and soothe irritated skin
Salicylic acid provides acne treatment.
Calming toner removes impurities and invigorates weak and sensitive skin, helping sooth and support as well as adding comfort with it’s gentle cooling action.


Why getting skin ready is so important

By using cleansers, scrubs and toners to remove the dirt, oils and unwanted dead skin cells from the skin’s surface in order to allow prescription skincare treatment from professional skincare routines to penetrate the skin.
Over the counter skincare is licensed to treat the other layers of the skin, this means any active ingredients are happily sitting on top of the skin surface, or stratum corneum, the outer dead skin cells waiting to be exfoliated away.
Using professional skincare gives your skin the opportunity to take up prescription level and premium skin loving ingredients into the skin cells where they are needed. But first, the skin needs to be prepared.

Find out more and watch Dr Anna on our YouTube Channel


In this YouTube video Dr Anna Hemming, the founder and medical director at Thames Skin Clinic explains the steps in the Get Skin Ready process and the reasons that certain products are chosen within your skincare plan.

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