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How to do an AT HOME FACIAL

Posted 09/04/2020 | Advice

Button links to YouTube video by Dr Anna Hemming disucssing and demonstrating a professional quality At Home Facial

Click here to see how you can have a professional clinic facial at home.

As we are staying at home for much of the day, now is the perfect time to start or step up a skincare plan. Here at Thames Skin Clinic we have been working with our favourite professional skin health brand (Zo Skin Health) to bring you a series of At Home Facials. Using products taken from your regular skincare program or ones that you can use daily from now on. Our At Home Facials will keep your skin healthy until we can see you again.


We understand how frustrating it is to have your normal routine disrupted. Changes to work and home life have a knock on effect on your skin. We may be more tempted to eat the wrong foods, with easy access to the unhealthy convenience snacks hidden at the back of the cupboard or sugary drinks and cold cans to quench ones thirst. The limits on exercise and social gathering can make you feel out of sorts and for some living alone, pretty lonely.

Dr Anna Hemming wearing the Sulphur Mask step of the Thames Skin Clinic Complexion Clearing At Home Facial

Dr Anna Hemming wearing the Sufur Masque step of the Thames Skin Clinic Complexion Clearing At Home Facial (Click here for link to video)

At Home Facials are not a substitute to regular in clinic treatment, more of a necessity at the moment especially if you are used to clinic or salon treatment. Our At Home Facials are accessible to everyone, even if you are not currently a client of Thames Skin Clinic, we can organise an online consultation following which we can arrange ZO Skin Health to be delivered to your door.

Dr Anna Hemming has been busy preparing this video showing you how to do our At Home Facial and giving you a tour of the clinic at the same time!

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