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How to care for sore, dry, sensitive hands

Posted 07/04/2020 | Advice

Do you have sore hands or dry hands? Have you been washing them more frequently or using alcohol based hand sanitiser, known to dry skin out?


    Frequent hand washing. can cause sore. dry irritated hands.


Over the past few weeks we have been asked to wash our hands more than normal.

As a result many people are suffering from sore, dry skin on their hands which are

increasingly sensitive.

Dr Anna Hemming has designed a skincare program for the hands and demonstrates how to wash and treat them in this video. (Click here) 

Find out how doctors wash their hands before surgical or sterile procedures, check out the techniques used and how the use of hydrating and calming creams can minimise the sensitivity caused by over washing.

More information about skincare and ZO Skin Health products at Thames Skin Clinic (Click here)

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