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Focus natural subtle lip filler

Posted 30/07/2017 | Treatments

Clients often comment about people they see walking down the street, standing out due to a cosmetic procedure, a lip filler treatment which looks unnatural or too much. Lips feature a lot in these discussions; ‘I wouldn’t want lips like that’ or ‘she looks like she has a pout’.

In my clinic I like to make my clients look natural. My treatments are subtle enhancements of the gorgeous features my clients already have. There is no need for you, your lips or any other feature to be the focus of comments like the ones I hear so often. Having the skill to make your enhancement just enough but not too much is an art. Combine a natural aesthetic eye with years of medical training and clinical experience and your treatment should be perfect.

Which lip filler should I have?

A full in-depth knowledge of individual filler products and how different options will suit an individual client is a great start to getting the right lip filler for your treatment. Each filler has unique characteristics, involving the hyaluronic acid concentration and cross linking. These properties affect the results and thickness and depth at which the filler should be used.

One of the great benefits of a hyaluronic acid filler is that your body breaks it down. This means that your lip treatment is not permanent. Your lips change as you age, so your treatment can be tailored to you. Hyaluronic acid filler can also be broken down by a special enzyme injection. So, if for any reason, it needs to be removed urgently this is possible. A permanent lip filler cannot be removed. As you age your skin and lips change, hyaluronic acid fillers can then be adapted to suit you at each point in your life’s journey.

Great results for thin lip filler treatment.

Today I would like to share with you a  young clients lip filler treatment. She has been worried about thin lips for years. A family member had a treatment and she thought this was just right. It was her first lip filler treatment and she wanted a natural subtle look. Here are her results:


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