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Biorevitalization with RRS nutrimesotherapy

Posted 30/04/2017 | Treatments

Biorevitalization. The new direct skin nutrition treatment.

Time has gone by and a lot has changed since the 1950s, including the quality of nutrients available in our food. Over worked soils and changed to farming techniques mean we get less in the way of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential nutrients delivered within the food that we eat today. As a result the vitamin and supplement market has accelerated. But how much of these bought nutrients actually get to the organ they are targeting. The bio-availablilty of most vitamin and supplements is very poor. Often less than 10% of the active ingredient actually enters the system to which it is designed to help. Our skin needs biorevitalization more then ever before. Sicosmedd Eurolab based in Barcelona have the solution.

How can we ensure our skin gets the nutrition it needs?

Your skin is the biggest organ in the body. It needs hydration and nutrition to ensure it is healthy and fit for use. How can we ensure our skin gets the nutrition it needs?

RRS Technology is a new biorevitalizing procedure delivering nutrition injected directly into the skin using mesotherapy techniques.  I have developed the concept of nutrimeso, using RRS technology to deliver tailor made nutritional skin revitalizing treatment where it is needed most. Each product contains between 20-72 active biorevitalization substances.

How does NutriMesotherapy work?

Following an initial skin assessment where your needs and concerns are addressed a combination of the 14 available RRS product formulations are combined for your personal treatment. Using my NutriMeso technique the nutritional repair, refill and stimulation products are delivered to the superficial skin layers through a fine needle.

Products activate on injection. delivering the optimal concentration of active ingredients selected to achieve the maximum level of improvement to the healthy function cells.

Treatment options available

Nutrimesotherapy engages a process called biorevitalization within your skin. In this process your skin is hydrated with a combination of options. These include

  • Hydration with hyaluronic acid serum Hyalift
  • Tightening through Silisorg and HA tensor lift
  • Mild skin relaxation with HA skin relax (containing BoNta 568 a very low potency plant based botulinum)
  • Vitamins, coenzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and trace elements  within HA Injectable and Hyalift 75 pro active.
  • Collagen and elation boosters via silisorg RRS products.
  • Special treatments

Specialist treatment options for specific areas and concerns include

  • HA eyefor the eyes
  • HA whitening pigmentation
  • XL hair for hair restoration
  • HA strimatrix Stretch marke treatment
  • HA cellutrix Cellulite treatment

What concerns can RRS address?

I recommend RRS tailor made combination treatments. RRS can be used in the biorevitalization for aging skin, treating melasma, pigmentation, tired, dull, lack luster skin as well as stretch marks, cellulite, alopecia, hair thinning and eye rejuvenation. After a 6 week course and top ups depending on your skin type, age and concern RRS biorevitalization nutrimesotherapy treatment transforms your skin to give it a healthy, radiant, dewy glow.

What does the treatment involve?

Treatment is offered as a course. Single treatments do not give lasting results. 4 or 6 treatments are given either 1 or 2 weeks apart depending on the areas treated.

Treatment can be combined in a program with other injectable and skin treatments. For example botulinum toxin treatment should take place 2 weeks prior to your RRS course. Dermal fillers can be used simultaneously at any of your 6 RRS treatments. RRS can be used immediately before a skin peel or laser treatment.

What does treatment cost?

Depending on the combination products needed to address your skin concerns a course of 6 weekly or 2 weekly nutrimesotherapy treatments costs upwards of £2000. The more technical combinations cost more to deliver. The very best treatments can cost £3500.

Why have nutrimesotherapy?

We hear a lot about botox and fillers. We see people who have had treatments with these well known products. No matter how good the structure of your facial contours is the quality of the skin on top will not change without good nutrition and skincare. Some people are blessed with gorgeous plump glowing skin. The majority of us, unfortunately are not. Nutrimesotherapy transforms your skin into a beautiful glowing, dewy pure complexion direct skin. Healthy skin on the inside give gorgeous skin on the outside.


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