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The Controlled Depth Peel

Posted 23/04/2020 | Uncategorised

We are currently following Kate after her Controlled Depth Peel. 

Kate is a patient at Thames Skin Clinic. She has documented her Controlled Depth Peel and post procedure diary, sharing it with us.

Her journey is being shared on our Instagram, Facebook pages and all the videos can be seen on our YouTube Channel along with more information about how to look after skin and the differences between over the counter skincare and the professional skincare we offer in clinic.

Kate had the controlled depth peel 3 months before her wedding. We started her skin rejuvenation program with her bespoke ZO Skin Health program. After several months we stepped this up with a ZO 3 Step Peel, which her skin respond very well to. We decided to go for the Controlled Depth Peel as we felt her skin would benefit from the deeper stimulation to give it the maximum rejuvenation, textural improvement and glow before her wedding. Find out how it feels and see her results after the peel has completed.


The controlled depth peel is a deep skin levelling peel for the treatment of


Improved tone

Skin tightening



Fine lines



The skin peel will improve all skin conditions and leave your skin with a revived, radiant glow. It is very important to prepare your skin properly before a peel. The deeper the peel the more preparation your skin will need and the better the results will be.

For more details about the skin peels we offer check out our website CHEMICAL PEEL page.



Follow Kate’s Skin Peel Diary on YouTube


We understand that it is difficult to access clinic services during social isolation. Instead of closing completely, like may clinic, we are offering remote consultations at a reduced price, using Zoom. These can be booked by email Info@ThamesSkin.co.uk. We are able to set up treatment plans, discuss programs and skincare options and arrange product delivery to your door. We also have Skinade nutraceutical supplement drink which is fantastic for your skin containing collage peptides and essential skin vitamins. The brand has just released its targeted solutions for cellulite, congested acne prone skin and anti-ageing. We can arrange these to be delivered to you too.

Skinade is full of skin boosting nutrients. Available for home delivery.

How Does Skin Work?

Find out more about how your skin works.



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