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The 8 Principles of Skin Health Restoration

Posted 27/04/2020 | Advice

In today’s new YouTube video we find out how to look after skin using the 8 principles of Skin Health Restoration. 

These are the core principles serving as the driving forces behind all product and protocol development. These principles go beyond the traditional approach to treating diseased skin. They serve as the foundations to provide a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation and maintaining healthy skin for life. These 8 principles specifically focus on strengthening the skin, optimising skin cellular function, elimination skin sensitivity and chronic inflammation – resulting in the best treatment outcomes and achieving skin health restoration.

The 8 Principles of Skin Health are

1 – Skin Barrier Function

2 – Stimulation

3 – Stabilisation

4 – Sebum Control

5 – Chronic Inflammation Elimination

6 – Overcome Skin Resistance

7 – Hydration and Calming

8 – Smart Sun Protection


1 -Skin Barrier Function

Skin barrier function is crucial in correcting skin weakness, sensitivity, dryness and restoring overall skin health. The barrier function acts and as a protective skin bubble preventing penetration of harmful substances and protecting against excessive trans-epidermal water loss. Strengthening barrier function enhances epidermal. renewal and repair which is responsible for building and maintaining skin tolerance.

2 – Stimulation

Stimulation is the process of waking up cellular activity and improving the epidermis and dermis through the use of vitamin A (retinol or retinoic acid) as well as up regulation of the fibroblast cell to increase the production and repair

1) collagen creating firmness

2) elastin – tightness

3) glucosaminoglycans – hydration.

Stimulation reverses uneven texture, improves circulation by up regulating angioblasts to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells and with blending action even colour and tone is restored.

3 – Stabilisation

Stabilisation helps prevent acquired sensitivity to treatment while increasing the skin’s resistance to negative external and internal factors by repairing and maintaining normal cellular functions in both the epidermis and dermis.

4 – Sebum Control

Sebum (or Oil) control prevents the induction and progression of chronic inflammation and pigment conditions resulting from excessive oil secretion in the skin. Excessive sebum is detrimental to skin health. This is a critical step in skin health restoration to help prevent and control inflammatory conditions.

5 – Chronic Inflammation Elimination

Inflammation is induced my many elements, including


UV light

Excessive sebum (oil)

Long term use of topical irritants

Inflammation is the immune systems response against internal and external ‘assaults’. It is a normal, essential defence mechanism to keep the body healthy. Acute inflammation can be helpful, for example in wound healing. It is necessary for injury repair. If acute inflammation is not treated it progresses to chronic inflammation which is destructive.

6 – Overcome Skin Resistance

By limiting medical topical agent use to the appropriate duration we prevent tolerance and resistance that skin can acquire. Medical topical agents such as hydroquinone and retinoic acid should be used for short term therapeutic treatment of skin conditions. Following treatment patients should switch to a maintenance program including products designed to keep the skin stabilised and maintain long term results. This approach optimises results and limits complications as well as preventing resistance.

7 – Hydration and Calming

We use the terms Hydration and Calming products instead of the more popular term ‘moisturiser’. Moisturisers have led to skin sensitivity as depending on them for daily hydration damages the skin. Repeated use builds a thicker outer layer to the skin making it weaker and drier and eventually impairing the skin’s barrier function, preventing skin cellular functions and it’s ability to renew itself, this leads to sensitivity and accelerates skin ageing.

We use functional hydrating and calming creams as temporary steps when needed to prevent lazy skin syndrome. Hydrators provide

Immediate relief to compromised skin,

Reduce redness and skin irritation,

Repairs and strengthens skin barrier function

Upregulates skin’s natural hydration

Enhances epidermal renewal and collagen production

Supports skin’s natural recovery process protects against free radical damage

Supports skin’s natural DNA repair and protection

8 – Smart Sun Protection

Smart Sun Protection takes sun protection beyond traditional approaches; just blocking against UVA and UVB rays. Smart protection includes the broadest most comprehensive cover of UVA and UVB as well as HEV and IR-A. Additional hydrators, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories complete the formulation for optimal protection.

To find out more about the way we make skin healthy visit our videos on our YouTube Channel.

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