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Royal beauty secrets revealed

Posted 12/04/2020 | Uncategorised

Delighted to share my skin tips with you in Hello Magazine today. A healthy diet and lifestyle is directly reflected in your skin our treatments, nutritional drinks and skincare are the icing on the cake. Improve skin using these simple tips, and thinking about your skin through your diet, lifestyle and exercise too.

Here is a copy of the article. To read it in Hello Magazine click the link at the bottom of the page.

Royal beauty secrets: how Kate Middleton and the Countess of Wessex maintain their flawless skin

Former royal doctor and founder of Thames Skin Clinic, Dr Anna Hemming, reveals all…

The royal family are some of the most photographed people in the world, and the leading ladies of The Firm, including the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen, and the Countess of Wessex, are renowned for their incredible complexions and glowing skin. Dr Anna Hemming, founder of Thames Skin Clinic, and aesthetic doctor at Cranley Clinic Harley Street, was a GP at Buckingham Palace between 2008 and 2014, and has shared her knowledge about the royals’ beauty secrets with HELLO!.

Anna reveals that a healthy and balanced lifestyle plays a core part in maintaining flawless skin. “None of the leading royal ladies smoke,” she said. “Smoking has a negative impact on skin, increasing fine lines and wrinkles as well as ageing it beyond chronological age.” Drinking plenty of water, and limiting their caffeine intake will also play a key part. “Skin needs water to remain hydrated. Our body should benefit from eight glasses of water a day (not tea, coffee or cans of drink that will dehydrate the skin). More water should be taken if lost through exercise. Allowing the body to replace the fluid it has expired and keep cells throughout the body hydrated. Our royals keep hydrated and ensure their skin cells are kept healthy.”

The royal family are incredibly sporty, with hobbies ranging from tennis to horse riding, and this helps maintain their flawless complexions. “By exercising regularly, but not excessively, our body works better and functions better. If we can exercise in the fresh air this is even better as we are filling our lungs with cleaner air,” Anna said. A good sleeping pattern is equally as important. “Sleep is vital for skin health. When you sleep the cells in your body wake up, it is a time for your body to repair damage and recharge as well as for maintenance to occur. Getting enough sleep helps your skin to recover and restores vitality, ” she said.

Of course, a healthy balanced lifestyle is just part of maintaining healthy skin. “Our royal leading ladies have access to expert skin consultants, dermatologists or aesthetic doctors who understand their need for glowing radiant skin. They will also have access to wonderful treatments to enhance skin health at home or in a clinic.” Anna offers skincare treatment, allowing for us too to look as flawless as the royals. “At Thames Skin Clinic, we take a balanced approach, taking the patient on a journey to minimise the ageing process in a natural-looking way,” she said. Treatments include nutritional supplements, vitamin drinks, tailor-made facials, and LED phototherapy to take skin to the next level. The clinic also offers an injectable hydration and skin tightening treatment called Profhilo, which boosts skin.

Dr Anna Hemming is the medical director of Thames Skin Clinic in Twickenham, which is still offering remote consultations and tailored skincare programmes during the coronavirus lockdown. For more information, please visit th.dev.shout-loud.co.uk

When you need a helping hand we are here and very happy to be there for advice, skincare and treatments.

Link to Hello Magazine article

Dr Anna Discusses how to maintain fit healthy skin

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