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Dr Anna on TV

Posted 29/03/2020 | Uncategorised

As you may be aware our doctor and clinic founder was a GP at Buckingham Palace. Recently she has been quoted in some of the UK’s most read publications like Tatler, Hello Magazine, Stylist and Vanity Fair. We will share her latest media coverage below.

While the nation is under attack by an invisible enemy, we are being responsible and have closed our doors to visitors. Lizzie our wonderful therapist is staying positive in social isolation at home.

Dr Anna has taken the first steps in making the clinic virtual as well as keeping in touch with clients and the media. She has offered her skills and service back to the NHS and has been caring for some local residents who are isolating and making food and medication drops for some with Coronavirus. She is also home schooling her 5 year old, making sure her 2 year old doesn’t cut her hair with her new love of scissors!

So how does a virtual clinic work?

Thames Skin Clinic doors may be temporarily closed to visitors until social isolation restrictions lift. We are still able to offer some of our clinic services to our clients and to new clients following a remote consultation.  These include designing bespoke skincare, transferring our patients who would normally have HydraFacial or Skin Peels onto treatment skincare protocols.

How to order Zo Skin Health?

Ordering is very simple. Just click this link go to orders and your message will be sent to us. We will then be able to prepare your order and, following payment, get it delivered. It is not possible to purchase ZO Skin Health online so we hope this process is a way to make it easier for you to get your products delivered.


Skinade is a revolutionary skincare drink working from the inside out to help rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix below the skin surface. Developed by leading UK scientists and manufactured in Britain, Skinade™ was launched in 2013 and its’ unique formulation is classed as nutraceutical supplement containing high-grade collagen and essential micro-nutrients feeding your skin from within.

The active ingredients are 100% in solution allowing for an absorption rate of 90-95%. 1 bottle of Skinade is the equivalent of taking 20 vitamin tablets. Vitamin’s in tablet form have a maximum absorption rate of 30-40%.

Benefits include

  • Skin Radiance and Hydration,
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Increased skin suppleness and healthier looking hair and nails.

Skinade does not contain

  • Bovine or porcine products
  • Hormones
  • Genetically modified organisms (gmos)
  • Alcohol
  • Added sugar
  • Artificial flavours or artificial colours
  • Skinade is free from lactose, gluten and dairy

We can deliver Skinade to your door. Find out more about Skinade here


Viviscal is a hair growth supplement developed in the 1980’s in Scandinavia, clinically proven to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within. Since the first clinical trial was published in 1992 further clinical studies have proven Viviscal professional to be an advanced and efficient supplement for hair growth.

Viviascal is totally drug free, it does not contain hormones and contains a unique active ingredient:

  • AminoMar CTM, a rich marine protein complex.
  • Biotin
  • Apple extract to fortify and promote healthy hair growth from within.

Here’s the link for more information about Viviscal

Click to see Dr Anna on TV

Dr Anna Hemming used to be a GP at Buckingham Palace. Here is her interview on Palace Confidential, Daily Mail TV

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