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Motivation to make a change

Posted 18/04/2017 | Advice

It has been lovely to see so many new clients in clinic recently. I think spring is a wonderfully motivating time for us all. With the temperatures rising (slowly) we have a taster of what the summer will have to offer. Along with the sun, blue skies and happy buzz inside there is an extra skin in our step. People are smiling, having picnics on the green or in the park. Beaches are packed and we all feel happier knowing the sun is getting stronger. Don’t forget to protect your skin too, start a skin health plan this spring.

Make skin health a priority this spring.

Along with the happy vibe the season change brings we also think a more about making changes. Spring cleaning and making positive change for ourselves and those around us. For skin this means a healthy restoration program. But where do you turn to? who do you see? how do you make it happen? The internet is a wonderful source of information, sometimes too much information!

Happy skin is healthy restored skin. Look after your skin and use SPF in the sun.

So what makes you pick up the mobile and make that call? The one that links you to the person with the medical knowledge, skill and experience to help you with your skin health concerns. Sometimes it is the first person or place you see online, often you have researched and clicked with the doctor already after reading their website or social media. Perhaps you already follow them on instagram or twitter? Did someone you know have a treatment there? Most of my clients hear about my work from a friend, although a lot of my clients do not tell their friend they have been!!

My advise would be to talk to a doctor, make sure you are happy with their experience and knowledge about skin health. Understand what they can offer you, how they can address the concerns you have. You might have to pay for an initial skin consultation, this is often money well spent.

Find out more about skin consultation and all of the treatments by clicking here

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