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Introducing Growth Factor Eye Serum

Posted 25/10/2020 | Uncategorised

Introducing the most amazing new eye serum by Zo Skin Health who have managed to put everything we love into one eye product.

Once again ZO Skin Health have released a winning skincare product. This time an eye serum that we have been literally dying for. Perfect timing to start using the Growth Factor Eye Serum as the days get colder and  you skin needs love care and hydration.

Exposure to the sun and environmental pollution, as well as lifestyle choices can stress the skin leading to visible. signs of ageing. Internally the body has it’s own mechanisms which slow healing as we age. The result is faster collagen degradation, inflammation. loss of skin firmness leading to lines and wrinkles.

The skin around the eyes is thin and fragile with a very sparse fat layer and restricted blood flow. Combined this makes the eye area more susceptible to both internal and external impacts of ageing.


The eye area is extremely difficult to keep happy throughout the year as the seasons change. However the Growth Factor Eye Serum containing clinically proven growth factor technology has the ability to hydrate the skin around the eyes from within.

Even the dispensing applicator looks impressive, using a cooling applicator tip to for part of the treatment and help stimulate the microcirculation around the eye leading to increase in the blood flow and nutrient carriage to the area to re-energise the eye.

Growth Factor Eye Serum targets the appearance of deeper eye wrinkles, creases and lines around the eyes, volume loss and hollowness, eye puffiness, dark circles around the eyes and under eye bags. Taking into account the unique anatomy in the eye area with thinner skin, spares fat and restricted blood flow it is absolutely fabulous to have a gentle retinol free growth factor based eye serum for the eye.

Growth Factor Eye Serum’s fast acting neuropeptides improve the appearance of expression lines and visibly smooths wrinkles while SA Hyaluronate improves hydration providing a filler like plumpness.

The serums long term benefits are gained through use twice daily and supported by growth factors included to increase fibroblast division and production of our much loved Type 1 Collagen to improve skin density,  ZO’s exclusive ZPOR complex with increases the skins hyaluronan content and Angelica polymorphs Sinensis root extract which enhances microcirculation and protects capillary networks.

A Zo Product would not be complete without Skin Health benefits and the Growth Factor Eye Serum has plentiful amounts of these.Blends of peptides and extracts within the serum contribute to support overall eye skin health by detoxifying, alleviating puffiness,  removing blood pigments causing dark circles and reducing the effects of oxidative stress.

The addition of the Growth Factor Eye Serum sits perfectly within our eye product range along with Eye brightening cream (previously known as Hydrafirm) and Intense Eye Cream.

Each with a different role to play and partners within the ZO program. It is no surprise that the Growth Factor Eye Serum compliments our favourite non retinol night cream Growth Factor Serum, both serums are ideal partners with clinic treatments such as wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments.

The eye serum is very easy to use with the benefits of a metered dose and cooling applicator. Simply prime the pump before your first application until the serum arrives on the cooling applicator. Depress the pump once per treatment for each eye. Apply to the skin and massage in with the applicator moving in gentle circles into the eye orbit to ensure full. serum absorption. Eye serums should be applied morning and evening with additional application as needed.

Zo skin health products are available from Thames Skin Clinic following a professional consultation. Where prescription skincare is required you must see Dr Anna Hemming to enable prescriptions to be written.

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