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Dr Hemming launches Clinisoothe+

Posted 22/09/2020 | Uncategorised

Dr Anna Hemming was recently asked to test Clinisoothe+, a sister product to Clinisept+ which we have used for skin preparation for the last 5 years or more.
Clinisoothe+ is a unique skin treatment solution to help combat the effects of the exposome. Exposome is an impressive word for all the factors which have an impact on your skin. From Pollution, nutrition, UV radiation, bacteria, virus and more. Everything we do from the moment we are born has an effect on the skin.
Clinisoothe actively combats the effects of these exposures and is clinically proven to reduce redness, sooth and calm breakouts and provide cleansing antimicrobial protection.
Made from Clinisoothe+ hypochlorous to produce the perfect gentle yet highly effective solution, minimising the toxicity of traditional antimicrobial cleansing chemistries.
Clinisoothe+ is highly stable, oil free, high purity, with the ability to effectively cleanse and provide protection while being gentle on the skin. It doesn’t harm irritate or sensitise the dermal layer and is extremely safe on the face.
Learn more about Clinisoothe  (Click Here)

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