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Getting summer body ready?

Posted 27/04/2021 | Uncategorised

Is there something preventing you from getting back into your favourite summer clothes?

Let’s see if we can help….

Sweat reduction injections

Dr Anna shows how botulinum toxin is used to block sweat glands to reduce sweat production. 

Excess sweating is caused by over activity of sweat glands trying to control body temperature. Excess sweat production can cause work and social embarrassment and makes everyday activities more difficult. Problems include underarm sweating, palms sweating, hand sweating and feet sweat. These conditions carry the medical diagnosis of Hyperhidrosis and can cause odour from the bacterial growth within the sweat produced which can be mistaken as poor hygiene.

Hyperhidrosis treatments are performed in our CQC registered clinic in Twickenham.


Laser Hair Removal

Our Excel HR Hair Removal laser is FDA approved and extremely safe. Thames Skin Clinic staff are highly trained by Cutera in the use of Excel HR for Hair removal treatments.

Lasers have been in use for hair removal treatment for over 50 years. Cutera Excel HR Laser treatment offers effective, safe hair reduction with the minimal number of treatments.

Laser Hair Removal forms part of Thames Skin Clinic’s skin rejuvenation portfolio.


Watch Dr Anna Hemming perform a sclerotherapy treatment to remove spider veins on the lower legs.

If you are one of many people who have trouble with broken or dilated veins which appear on the legs, we can help you. Our patients come to Thames Skin Clinic for vein treatment, so they feel confident wearing shorter summer clothes. Unfortunately, thread veins do not get better on their own. Veins often get worse and can spread over larger areas. Treatment is possible to remove thread veins. Laser and cautery have a role with certain types and areas of broken veins. For larger areas especially those on the legs we find Sclerotherapy most successful.


We have some very exciting news COMING SOON regarding our BRAND NEW RANGE of body sculpting/ fat reduction treatments.

More info to follow.






Find out full treatment brochure here

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