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Counterfeit ZO Skin Health products ❌ Don't buy online!

Posted 27/10/2023 | Uncategorised


Counterfeit ZO Skin Health products

As you are aware, Thames Skin Clinic is one of the authorised stockists of ZO Skin health, a medical grade product range which can only be purchased in clinic after an initial consultation with one of our skin experts.

These products are not available to purchase online without a consultation.

Please see below; an example of the noticeable difference in quality between the counterfeit and the genuine versions of the exfoliating polish which was purchased on Ebay.


(Left counterfeit, right authentic)

The price online might be appealing, however, these products will not have the same licence or contain the same ingredients as ZO Skin Health, and therefore, may be detrimental to your plan as prescriber by our doctors.

As the saying goes “If things appear too good to be true, they usually are!”

Please only purchase your products in clinic and don’t waste your money!

We do offer an online portal for repeat purchases for Thames Skin patients only.

Please sign up here: https://www.thamesskin.co.uk/my-account/.

Your authentic products can then be sent to you directly, just like it would be purchasing them online. Please note, some prescriptions do require renewal before repurchasing.

Our team are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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