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Patient Promise

At Thames Skin Clinic all our treatments are overseen by our founder and clinical director, Dr Anna Hemming. A member of the team is always available to provide any reassurance you need before, during and after your procedure.

Our communication is clear and jargon free, you will get a thorough explanation about our treatments. Your concerns, fears and expectations will be listened to very carefully. We pride ourselves on delivering you personalised and positive experience.

You will only ever receive the best treatments and products that are scientifically evaluated. Each treatment and product has been handpicked by Dr Hemming to produce natural results for our astute patients.

Guarantee 1

Dr Anna Hemming will undertake all your treatments personally when requested.

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Guarantee 2

You will be provided with a contact mobile number for Dr Hemming (or a member of her team) should you need to discuss any element of your treatment or its aftercare.

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Guarantee 3

We will never treat a patient who is not suitable for a particular treatment.

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Guarantee 4

Dr Hemming’s team will provide you with your personal review and follow up for all your treatments

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Working with you to find a treatment that is best

At the heart of everything we do is our ability to look at all treatments from the patient’s perspective not form a profit perspective. You will never be talked into a treatment that you do not want or need.

If a treatment is not right for you or we feel there is a better option to achieve your goals, we will provide those treatment options for you to consider. We will never treat a patient who is not suitable for a particular treatment. We will work with you to find a treatment that is best.

Whilst we understand that many UK consumers can be price sensitive, our experience shows us that the majority of cosmetic patients are not looking for the cheapest price but a good result and a great customer experience, at a fair price. This is exactly what we deliver.

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