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Safe Wrinkle and Filler Treatments

Posted 20/11/2019 | Advice

What to look for when booking wrinkle and filler treatments.

Wrinkle and filler treatments, along with laser hair removal, account for 90% of the cosmetic procedures in England. With so many clinics offering non surgical aesthetic procedures, how do you know where to turn to for treatment.

Here are 5 top tips to consider when choosing physician.

1) Always do your research

Make sure you check a clinicians website and reviews. Find out who runs the clinic, is it Doctors or nurses or a beauty therapist who has a few months experience?

2) Is the clinic clean?

Make sure the clinic is clean. If you are having injections the clinic needs to be hygienic. If the clinic looks run down or dirty, don’t go there.

3) What is the patients Journey?

Do you feel comfortable in the way the clinic has answered your questions? Are they putting pressure on you to buy the treatments now? When you are having a cosmetic procedure you should always have a consultation first. Do not ever feel rushed into having a treatment. The GMC regulates doctors in the UK advise patients and physicians to agree a cooling off period between consultation and procedure appointments.

4) Avoid Gimics

Discounted treatments or early bird specials should be avoided at all costs. Cosmetic medicine is a medical field not a discount store. The GMC frown heavily on making medical procedures into deals.

5) Make sure you are always treated by the same person

When you see the person treating you make sure they are your one contact. Ask to see examples of their work, and discuss what products they are using.

All aesthetic procedures and treatments should be prescribed and given by a physician you trust. Your results will be determined by who treats you, the type of product and amount of product they use.

As a fully qualified medical doctor with over 13 years clinical experience I take pride in my professional education and training. It is so important to remember that the cosmetic treatments performed with injectable wrinkle and filler products are medical and should be delivered by a skilled hand. Your physician should hold a medical degree and be trained in anatomy and medical management of complications. I use the knowledge I gained in my anatomy degree daily and bring the experiences gained through my post graduate medical training to all of my clients. If you would like to know more about my treatments do get in touch.



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